Medical Couriers, Inc.

Hello and welcome to Medical Couriers Inc. We specialize in Medical specimen delivery. Professionals and Doctors in the medical community have depended on Medical Couriers Inc since 1969 to safely transport Lab Samples, blood and tissue specimens, Surgical Instruments, Radiology films, MRI DVDs, Pharmacy prescriptions and medical reports and supplies. Medical Couriers Inc, provides professional, competent, and properly trained and certified medical couriers to assist in all your medical specimen logistics service needs.

  • IAC certified
  • Medical Specimen logistics
  • In-House Hospital staffing
  • STAT Service 24/7
  • Route Couriers
  • Dedicated Medical Courier Service
  • HIPAA compliant, fully insured
  • Provide service to CAP and JCAHO compliant Medical/Health organizations.


Transportation Security Adminitration